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 Slayers - Tips

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PostSubject: Slayers - Tips   Slayers - Tips Icon_minitime2009-12-16, 9:21 pm


- This is a team based game, so you better specialize your character into a single thing rather than making a weak multitool.
Each character should be complementary to the other.

- Don't play the ball solo, or you'll certainly end up dead and your team will suffer from your actions.

- Always bring a melee weapon and a handgun or SMG with you. If you get the ball, you won't be able to sport two-handed weapons.
Armor are life-savers, but they will slow you down. If you're the swift type, you'd better seek light protection.

- If you pass unnoticed near a foe, don't always seek the frag, as combat is quick and deadly, and you might be the one who ends up dead if you get overpowered.

- If your team plays offensive, leave at least someone behind to protect your goal. You might be surprised once the opponent has the ball, and how long it takes to go back there.

- Spend your Credits to buy some good equipment and enhancement. But don't cry when someone will loot your helpless body, that's part of the game! At least CyberWare is a good investment.

- Roleplay! It's healthy and advised! Twisted Evil You may even bully, abduct, or steal your opponents between matches.
Reputation is not only made in the arena, but outside as well.
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Slayers - Tips
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