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» Encore des vivants ?
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2017-09-26, 5:03 pm by Xialya

» Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2013-01-07, 10:42 pm by Handel Amaluisurr

» Do the Talking
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2012-02-25, 8:36 pm by Xialya

» Second Life
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2011-11-16, 7:46 pm by Handel Amaluisurr

» Pictures Thread
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2010-08-22, 12:29 am by Xialya

» Amazon Warrior - Revised Edition
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2010-08-18, 9:43 pm by Xialya

» ***Wrong transmition***
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2010-07-26, 1:43 pm by Tecumay

» Back from the Beyond.
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2010-07-26, 1:39 pm by Tecumay

» Fin de mon adresse MSN
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2010-07-25, 8:20 pm by Handel Amaluisurr


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Slayers - Team Roster
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2009-12-14, 3:07 pm by Xialya
Dark Horizon - Portal Enforcersads

- Dayna Reeves (Captain) [TD]0/[FG]0

Match Won: 0
Match Lost: 0
Touchdown Scored: 0
Championship Rank:

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Slayers - Tips
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2009-12-16, 9:21 pm by Xialya

- This is a team based game, so you better specialize your character into a single thing rather than making a weak multitool.
Each character should be complementary to the other.

- Don't play the ball solo, or you'll certainly end up dead and your team will suffer from your actions.

- Always bring a melee weapon and a handgun or SMG with you. If you get the ball, you …

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Slayers - Arenas
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2009-12-14, 2:16 pm by Xialya

Dark Horizon - Portal Hallofglory

- Easy
- Human Gangers [light armor, common firearms]
- Frag and Anti-Armor Mines
- The newbie arena!
Plenty of room to move around, good visibility.
It is unlikely you step on a mine, though it may happen.
The gangers are lightly armed and not much skilled, though you might want to stick on covers so …

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File List [Needed haks, etc]
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2009-12-15, 1:40 am by Xialya

· Hak Files

* DH Haks
* JenX21IOS
* CEP 2.2 [Last version]
* Placeable + Clothing + Creature + Tile
* CTP Generic Doors
* Secret Base

· Override [Absolutely needed at all time]

* Contained in DH_Stuff.


* Contained in DH_Stuff.

· Music

* USCM Music Pack I
* USCM Music Pack II
* USCM Music Pack III

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Pictures Gallery
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2009-12-14, 11:00 pm by Xialya
Dark Horizon - Portal Adsslayers
Slayers, the most famous sport game in the 'Verse!

Dark Horizon - Portal Adsenforcers
You too, create your team, and you may see your team's emblem up on the wall!

Dark Horizon - Portal Ballappear
That's where the ball appears in this arena, let's grab it!

Dark Horizon - Portal …

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Slayers - Rules
Dark Horizon - Portal Icon_minitime2009-12-14, 1:33 am by Xialya

The rules? There are none! Evil or Very Mad

- Before each match, you start in the Preparation Room, where you can purchase, customize, and repair your equipment.
- Once both teams are ready, they are ported to a random/chosen arena in their respective Side.
- A DM or a player may then Start the Match, and the force walls are deactivated.
- To win, a team must get the ball and …

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