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 Slayers - Rules

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The rules? There are none! Evil or Very Mad

- Before each match, you start in the Preparation Room, where you can purchase, customize, and repair your equipment.
- Once both teams are ready, they are ported to a random/chosen arena in their respective Side.
- A DM or a player may then Start the Match, and the force walls are deactivated.
- To win, a team must get the ball and bring it to the opposite Side in order to score a touchdown. 5 touchdowns and it is a victory! Note that the number of touchdowns may be set by a DM or a player -before- starting the match. So you can play a shorter or longer game.

Indeed, this is not that simple... Evil or Very Mad
There are Opponents [NPCs] in the arena, and their purpose is to kill the players.
There are also vicious traps, and teleporters which would port a player to another teleporter of the arena.

Indeed, you may loot the corpses of Opponents and players alike, so you can get equipment and ammo.

When you have the ball, it equips itself in one of your hands, and cannot be unequipped. A light is glowing around the player to show s/he has the ball.
You may throw the ball away; it works the same as a grenade and also uses the Throwing Weapon skill.
When a player is incapacitated or gets unconscious while carrying the ball, the ball drops on the ground.

When you create a Team, it is best everyone discusses about her/his character in order to form a proper team with complementary Stats and Skills.
For example, one player maximizes Agility and Reflexes to run faster and get better chances to avoid being hit, another maximizes Awareness and Rifles and purchases a good sniper rifle to cover the whole team, another player maximizes Intelligence, Craft, Weaponsmith, and Armorsmith in order to customize and maintain the team's equipment between matches; etc.
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Slayers - Rules
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